As a qualified manufacturing jewellers, we are professional in jewellery design and manufacturing, providing full services at all aspects of jewellery.

Custom Design and Manufacturing

Let us help take you from ideas to the finished jewellery item. Your or our ideas, pictures or our stock - together we can find the perfect design idea. Any metal, stones or settings - it's all possible. We are able to use your items or supply our own metals and stones.

experts in custom design

We are a certified member of Custom Design Jewellers New Zealand™. We have the experience, skills and expertise to design and manufacture a wide range of precious jewellery items for our customers. Whether you are looking for a stunning engagement ring, matching wedding bands or a special piece as a gift. We can handcraft anything from plain wedding bands to intricate earrings or pendants involving diamonds, coloured gemstones, and a mix of metals, engraving and much more. During the design and manufacture process we would consult extensively with you to develop and create exactly what you have in mind to suit your budget and expectations.

Remodeling & Remaking

We can remake an identical style or create a new one. Or a similar item modernizing the design slightly. Reusing your stones and metals. Free quotes and advice.

jewellery remodelled

Jewellery has been used, not only for adornment, but to commemorate life’s milestones for centuries or obtained for its metaphysical properties. You may choose to have that heirloom restored to its former glory or choose to have that dated or unwanted item melted, remodeled or remade into a new design without losing its sentimental value. We can use your existing gemstones and gold to create a completely new setting, to create a unique timeless piece just for you to suit your budget. For example, we can remodel a ring into pendant, earrings or ring. We can source replacements for missing or lost gemstones or match a gemstone for colour, clarity and size. We treat all items left with us with extreme care.

Jewellery Repairs

If your item is broken we will fix it or advise the best alternative possible. Having trade qualified manufacturing jewellers in our on site workshop helps us quote and advise immediately.

repairs on jewellery

If you have broken or damaged jewellery and are looking for a jewellery repair service, we can help. Our Jewellers were taught traditional bench methods from the start and have a great grounding in manufacturing and repair work. We follow recommended retail prices for all our jewellery repairs issued by Nationwide Jewellers for fairness & transparency. Our jewellery repair service is competitively priced while maintaining the utmost quality of craftsmanship. This has enabled us to build a reputation for quality and value. Whatever your jewellery repair, rest assured we can help. We invite you to visit our store for an obligation-free quote.

Insurance Replacement Service

We are able to provide a range of services to help customers replace lost or damaged jewellery.

Insurance Replacement Service

The services available include: Assisting customers in accurately documenting the specifications of lost or stolen item; Determining the replacement or indemnity value; liaising with your insurer in regard to replacing your jewellery items; Sourcing replacement items, or manufacturing a new item; Repairing damaged jewellery items.

Rhodium Plating, Jewellery Polishing, Cleaning & Inspection

Is your precious piece of jewellery starting to look dull? It might be time to have your jewellery polished, cleaned or re-plated. We offers professional services on-site for these. Proper care and handling of your jewellery can help it maintain its beauty and sparkle for years to come.

Cleaning and Inspection

We recommend an annual inspection to promote early detection of wear and tear, which may assist in avoiding gem loss, clasp failure, etc. We offer free jewellery inspection on-site.

We also provide the following services: re-threading, engravings, valuations and watch repairs.


We offer an independent "Gemological Valuation" done by a fully qualified valuer with many years experience. Valuation of all jewellery and watches is available.

jewellery valuation

If you want to have your precious jewellery possessions valued, whether for insurance purposes, or simply to find out what your valuables are currently worth – let us arrange a professional and independent valuation. When you have your jewellery, watches or silverware valued, you’ll find out their current replacement value. You'll also gain the reassurance that, if anything is lost, damaged or stolen, your insurance claim will be quick and straightforward. In addition, all information is stored securely giving you long term reassurance if your document is lost. Why not call in today for an obligation-free quote?

Watch Repairs

We also can meet and satisfy your requirement in watch upkeep, battery and capacitor replacement, rubber gaskets, watch band replacement, glasses, winders, the list goes on.

Watch repairs

The following repairs can be done in-store on the same day:

  • Watch battery replacements.
  • Watch bands leather or metal.
  • Watch pins and clasps.

Major watch repairs are sent to a trade qualified watchmaker or directly to the watch brand's own technical centre.

All work is quoted and guaranteed.